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Custom Funeral Programs

Photo Restoration

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Custom Funeral Programs

Custom Funeral Programs serve as one of the most memorable elements honoring the memory of a loved one. Such programs are different from a cookie cutter design as black letters on white paper. A custom program allows for the personality of a loved one to set the tone of the commemorative occasion. It gives pertinent information about the service to those attending. A program from Just For U Custom Funeral Programs provides a heartwarming, visual, welcoming experience.

The funeral program titles can range from “Celebrating the life of. . .” to “In Loving Memory.” In consultation with the Pastor, Funeral Home Director, or other Officiants, we stand ready to include an order of service, providing guests with an outline of what to expect throughout the service.

We are well-versed in what should be included in a funeral program. Written obituaries, poems, prayers, scripture readings, songs, and acknowledgements are just some of the details to be included.

Your loved one deserves a funeral program that expresses the sentiments of the event. Call us today and order a keepsake that will serve as a lasting honorary token of love.

Half Panel

Photo Restoration

Enhanced photos may be necessary when preparing a funeral program. We can minimally restore an old picture or even replace the background. Some image backgrounds may need adjusting to coordinate with the funeral program.

Creating a collage is another means of providing an overview of a loved one’s life, whether years in school or stages of life. We delight in the preparation of pictures that are worth 1,000 words of reflection!

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Template Design

Just For U Custom Funeral Programs offers several templates to choose from.

8½ x11–Regular Size


1. Bi-fold
2. Tri-fold
3. Window 
4. Inside Window
5. Half Panel
6. Long Panel

8½x14–Legal Size


7. Bi-fold
8. Tri-fold
9. Inside Window




11. Bi-fold

We do not print our program until all corrections edited and the client is satisfied with the product.

NOTE: Paper: Color Copy Digital White, Card Stock

Program Questionnaire

The Program Questionnaire outlines the information we need to collect in order to create a unique keepsake that honors your loved one.

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