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Family Services

We express our sympathy for your loss! We offer the service of creating a custom funeral program with in the hope of providing you a celebratory means of honoring your loved one. We can communicate face-to-face, by email, and by phone to capture the essence of your loved one’s story. After all the information is gathered, the loved one’s story will be transformed to a custom program.

Preneed Funeral Program Services

What are Pre-Need Funeral Programs? Simply put, it is designing the funeral program prior to the death of a loved one as opposed to ‘at need,’ meaning at the time of death. Recording your life biography before the time of need eliminates a major burden for family members fulfilling your final wishes. Plan your memoir in advance so that it can be easily converted into a memorable program.

Pre-Need programs eliminate the stress of trying to gather, at the last minute, biographic information, such as schools attended, employment, retirement, hobbies, awards, organizations, church affiliation, and correct family names. With all that families are experiencing, the last thing needed is spending several nights with family members completing a program.

Writing an obituary is not always easy to do. However, there is an approach that works! From time to time, ask your loved one a question or two about themselves. For example, “Mom, do you remember any of your teachers from elementary school? What was school like?” Another time, you may ask, “How long did you work as a nurse?” Before long, you will have everything you need for the obituary.

Many people preplan weddings, baby showers, and vacations. We should also plan how we want to be remembered! Give us a call. We are delighted to assist you.

Funeral Home Partnerships

We welcome partnerships with all funeral industry professionals. Collaboration with Just For U Custom Funeral Programs, Inc. will add value to your business. A special touch, such as a custom funeral program, will assist in building your brand. Together, we will expand your customer base, thus increasing your revenue. We support traditional funeral service, unorthodox, memorial service, graveside service, cremation, and more. Let our company be a one stop shop for you! The cost of the program can be added into contracts for services rendered by the funeral home, and payment can be written out to Just For U when insurance has been honored. The process is seamless, time effective and cost efficient, and this partnership will reflect positively on your business.


Funeral Homes by Occasion

We exist to assist you, the funeral home, in your mission to facilitate compassion and service for each occasion. Funeral Homes by Occasion intertwines with Family Services. Occasionally, a service may be needed to include additional images as part of the loved one’s story. Just For U Custom Funeral Programs would be honored to assist in adding that special touch to a program. Together, we will endeavor to exceed the expectations of the community we serve.


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