Our Mission Statement

To provide memorable, creative and informative keepsakes that will be pleasing enough to review over-and-over again.

About Just for U Custom Funeral Programs, Inc.

Just for U Custom Funeral Programs, Inc. is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States and operates in the graphic designer sector.

As a professional organization within the graphic design and graphic arts industry, our purpose is to create a customized funeral program that honors your loved one. Our goal is to use the funeral program to help set the tone of the occasion. We use the information families give us to create a vibrant program that combines words and graphics to celebrate and memorialize your loved one’s life. We publish the graphics primarily bi-fold, tri-fold, inside window, window, half panel and long panel, developing the memorable keepsake.

As a specialty graphic designer, our clients exist on two levels. On one level, our customers consist of professionals in the funeral industry, mainly funeral homes and cemetery management. Most importantly, in conjunction with the funeral industry, our clients are the families grieving a lost loved one.

Cecelia Dublin, owner and incorporator of Just for U Custom Funeral Program, Inc., has experienced the disappointment of a lackluster funeral program. With the passing of her father in 1992, Cecelia found the article about his life to be boring, dull, and unappealing. Furthermore, having worked for a funeral home as a funeral service licensee, she states, “I have seen so many programs that looked just like my father’s.”

Our strategy here at Just For U Custom Funeral Programs is to listen, consult with the funeral director, officiants, and family, then use our talents to meet our clients’ needs. We believe in making celebrations of life memorable.

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